Storefront Web 2.x not supporting Offline (streaming) applications

Couple weeks ago we have decided to upgrade WebInterface 5.4 to StoreFront 2.1. Unfortunately, during tests we’ve discovered, that StoreFront Web is not supporting Offline Applications (Streaming Applications). We have seen our apps in StoreFront but when we have put cursor over the app icon we get information: “Unavailable on this platform”. We are still using XenApp 6.5.


When we used Citrix Receiver 4.1 with StoreFront everything works OK. So I have created a case in Citrix Support to verify this issue. I was informed, that offline applications cannot be accessed through Receiver for Web site.

Here is the eDocs article: The same situation is in the latest version of StoreFront 2.5.

So what we can do in that situation. We all know, that offline applications are no longer supported in XenDesktop 7.x. Citrix recomends Microsoft App-V as a solution.

  • Use WebInterface 5.4. Despite earlier information (that XenDesktop 7.x will onlybe supported by StoreFront) Citrix declared that WebInterface is still working with XenDesktop 7.5 (to give us more time to prepare for migration).
  • Use StoreFront for users who doesn’t need access to offline apps and Citrix Receiver 4.x for users who have to be able to launch them.
  • Install applications locally and integrate them using Local App Access (aka Reverse Seamless). Short PDF describing how to enable this functionality – Quick Start Guide for Local App Access.
  • Use Microsoft App-V. If you are thinking about migration to XenDesktop 7.5 (now or in the future) install one XD 7.5 Controller and in Studio console configure App-V publishing & management servers. After that all your applications will be available from StoreFront site.


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