StoreFront – VDI custom Desktop name (not a Delivery Group name)

When you publish private desktops to the users they see it in StoreFront under one common name – Delivery Group name.

It’s OK, when you publish one desktop for one user. Of course you can check machine name, when you click on the Details.

But what to do, when you assign more then one desktop (from the same Delivery Group) to one user. By default he will see each desktop with additional number – (1), (2), (3), … It’s annoying and might be confusing for users. Of course, still you can click on Details, but sill, it’s not a good solution.

It such case we can use attribute PublishedName in Desktop Machine object. By default it’s empty, but when you fill it with name, this value will be presented in StoreFront. Here is the PowerShell script.

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.*

$machines = Get-BrokerMachine -DesktopGroupName "YourDeliveryGroupName"

# alternative
# $machines = Get-BrokerDesktop -DesktopGroupName "YourDeliveryGroupName"

foreach($d in $machines)
    $machineName = $d.MachineName.Split("\")
    $newName = $machineName[1]

    Set-BrokerMachine -InputObject $d -PublishedName $newName

    # alternative
    # Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop -InputObject $d -PublishedName $newName

And here is what we achieve:

Short description from Citrix documentation:

PublishedName – Changes the name displayed to the user for this desktop. When this setting is $null, the name displayed is determined by the PublishedName of the desktop group.


As you can see, to revert the settings just set this attribute to $null value.

Important notice. This trick can be used only for Private Desktops.

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