Online Citrix monitoring tool – BETA version – free trial !!!

If I would ask you: “Do you know your Citrix environment?”. What be your answer? I guess, you know, how it’s configured and how all those components works. But what is the performance? Do you reach the thresholds? If you don’t have dedicated monitoring tool, when something wrong happens you have to do the investigation ad-hoc. Sometimes it too late, because some data are already gone.

I know, that when your are working in a big company with huge Citrix environment, you probably already have many tools for that. But if you have 30, 60, 100 users and 3 or even 10 XenApp servers, then I guess you will not have dedicated monitoring tool. And I know, there are many that kind of implementations.

That’s why I started working on a tool, that will be available online (in the cloud). You will have to create an account, download and install locally some agents, and then wait for the results, graphs and statistics that will be available online in the dashboard.

Right now I’m finishing the GUI for this tool. If you are intersted in this product and would like to be a BETA tester, please let me know.

Here is just a short sample what graphs you can expect:

monitoring_tool_03 monitoring_tool_04 monitoring_tool_01 monitoring_tool_02

But first, start with this short survey – it will show me some general information about you and your environment. You can use this link:

or do it right here:

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