How to monitor Citrix Counters – Performance Monitor (perfmon)

During last Polish Citrix User Group (PLCUG) meeting I was asked what is the best way, to measure user ICA Session latency. We have several methods to do this:

  • HDX Monitor – we can use it for XenApp 6.5 – XenDesktop 7.6
  • EdgeSight – only for XenApp 6.5 (for EUEM counters we will need Platinum licenses)
  • Citrix Director (part of XenDesktop 7.x) – it shows latency in the same way

Unfortunately this methods allow us only to verify few counters, and only in limited way (latency is shown in Real Time without history data). We can’t use it for deep analytics and troubleshooting. That’s we Citrix implemeneted performance counters. The most important thing is, that we can set collecting all data when users are working and can analyze it lately.

References: XenApp 6.5 Performance Counters Reference.

I won’t write here, how to use performance monitor (you can find many posts, how to use it).

Here are some screenshots from performance monitor.

Below we can see “\ICA Session(*)\Latency – Last Recorded” counters. I marked (black line) one – average value was 18ms (it’s very nice) and maximum recorded value was 312ms.


If we want to verify, what is the network bandwidth we can use “\ICA Session(*)\Output Session Bandwidth” counters. Below one user session – average 242 kbps with maximum value at 1,5 Mbps.


And the last one – server load. Using this “\Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server\Cumulative Server Load” counter we can  verify Server Load – the same value show command “QFARM /LOAD“.


  • Red – Server Load
  • Black – % Commited Bytes In Use
  • Green – % Processor Time
  • Purple dashed – Active user sessions
  • Blue – Context switches/s


I guess that’s all right now. If you are interested more about those counters or performance monitoring of XenApp servers please let me now (using comments below).

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  1. Posted by Ankur Gupta Reply

    How to use latency and bandwidth both to solve slow session problem.Please provide any use case.

  2. Posted by George Reply

    What is the perf counter targetted in the last image for “Purple dashed – Active user sessions”? I’m running XenApp 7.6 and don’t see any good counters for active XenApp sessions.

    • Posted by jarek Reply

      Hello Geroge,

      sorry, that I didn’t write it clear in my post. Those counters are provided by Terminal Services.
      Please look at this article:

      OBJECT: SYSTEM (Existing Object)
      Active Session: This is the total number of active (logged on) sessions.
      Inactive Session: This is the total number of inactive (not logged on) sessions.
      Total Protocol Bytes/Sec: This is the total number of bytes transferred in the system as result of session communications.

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