How to collect performance counters (perfmon) – template

Sometimes we have to verify performance of our Windows server (or desktop). For this purpouse Microsoft implemented Perofmance Monitor (perfmon.exe). Using this tool wa can verify couters in a real time or prepare Counters Data Set and schedule it to collect data for longer time (ie. one day).

In next post I will show which counters we can measure to verify performance of our PVS server and XenApp server. And right now let’s check, how can we prepare Data Set.

So open “Run” window and type “perfmon” (Performance Monitor).


In “Data Collector Set” node create new set.


Let’s call this set: “Citrix PVS Server” and leave default “Create from a template” option.


We will be collecting “System Performance”. Click on “Browse…”.


Select our template file (XML).



You can change, where data files will be stored. If you want to collect data for a long time (1 week, 1 month) remember, that data files can grow up to larg size.

perfmon_07 perfmon_08

If we are ready, we can start our Set.



When we gather all needed data, we can stop collector and check data files.


Here is graph showing “Processor Queue Length” counter in 1 day period (black line).


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