Citrix Receiver 4 installation didn’t start on HP terminals

Recently my colleges wanted to install Citrix Receiver 4.x on HP terminals. Unfortunately installation didn’t even start. So we have started investigation. Process monitor shows nothing. Process explorer also gives no information why installation process don’t want to start. We was clicking on Citrix Receiver installation file and no program was executed.

So we decided to unpack Citrix Receiver archive. I used 7zip to open CitrixReceiver.exe. As you can see below, archive contains module installation files.


To start installing just click on TrolleyExpress.exe file.

We finally found the solution. At the beginning installer have to unpack the archive. It use %TEMP% directory for that. As you can see, on that terminal TEMP folder is located on Z: partition.


And Z: partition is RAM drive with less free space then on Local Disk (on this screenshot we have expanded RAM drive).


This problem occurred on HP 5740 terminals, but this is not only the problem with that type of device. You can try to make more space for TEMP directory or just unpack installation file and install Receiver from inside.

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