Citrix Mobility Conference in Warsaw

In the middle of November I get the chance to take part in Citrix Mobility conference. It was organized in Warsaw InterContinental hotel. Citrix wanted to present their solution for mobility. Presenters shows four main group of products:

What can I say about the conference. Finnaly we got some interesing event made by Citrix in Poland. In 2012 we had Citrix Synegry in Barcelona, but not everyone can get there. So this is great oppotrunity to be a part of some interesting Citrix event.

And at the end I can say, that for me the best presentation was Brad’s Peterson Real time demo and his story, how he “installed” Windows 8 on his brand new iPad.

Post użytkownika Citrix Polska.


Here are some summary (in polish) and some photos from the event:

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