Analyzing CDFLogFile.etl in CDFControl

In January I wrote a post how to open and analyze Citrix ETL file (CDFLogFile.etl). I got couple of emails asking if it’s possible to do the same in CDFControl tool. Yes, of course.

Start CDFControl [CTX111961], go to menu File and chose “Parse Trace”. 

Open our ETL file and wait until all traces will be loaded. In CDFControl tool you don’t have to download anything, as it was in CDFAnalyzer. All symbols are downloaded online. Of course you can use offline TMF files – I will show how to do this in the end of this post.


When all traces are processed we will get the same view as it was in CDFAnalyzer.


We can also output all the results to CSV file. In this case in menu File chose “Parse Trace To File”. Select input (ETL) and output (CSV) file, and wait.



When operations is complete you can open CSV file in notepad or Excel.


Someone might ask, why use CDFAnalyzer instead of CDFControl. I do really like both tools, but in CDFAnalyzer font size is smaller and I can see more traces in window.


I have also do some tests with memory consumption. I have opened 3 different size ETL files in both tools. In both cases memory utilization grows up to 300-400 MB during processing, but when it was finished we have different memory usage:

2 MB file:


10 MB file:


30 MB file:


If you are analyzing lots of ETL files it would be better to have symbols (TMF files) locally. So download them and put correct path in settings windows (TMF search path). You can read how to download TMF file in my previous post.


And the last very interesting feature on this tool. If you want to analyze traces online you can set enable it in settings window -“Real-time viewing”




I saw, that Citrix updated CDFControl tool to version 3. My post based on version, but all the features the I was writing about are the same. In the new version you will find some improvement for filtering and searching.

At the end I want to show one small tool, that can help us, when have to put some specific marks in out traces – to CDFMarker On Demand [CTX124577].

If you have any questions how to do something don’t hesitate to send me an email or write it on comments below. I will be happy knowing, that my posts helps in your job.

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    Thanks, Jarek. Your articles are awesome, and simplify what is sometimes ambiguous documentation. 🙂 Thank you!


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      Thank you Dave 🙂 I’m really happy, that I my post was useful.

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    Just saved my day.

    Had trouble generating machines with PVS and after following your torturial i found out that there were som duplicats in naming on template on vmware.
    Deleted template duplicat names from vmware store and everything is running smooth again

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